• Reviewed by: cindyc  on: 2020/8/21 13:46:14
    I placed an order online, chose delivery and added a tip for the driver. 40 minutes later, concerned that the food had not yet arrived, I called only to be told that they did not have a driver and so delivery was not an option, after all. I must come and pick it up Luckily, the food was still hot and it tasted very good. I never got my $5.tip back, though.
  • Reviewed by: shiney320  on: 2020/1/10 18:38:42
    Absolutely not worth your time! The sushi was just thrown on the plate, not even a roll, smooshed down and horrible. The roe spread so heavily it was terrible. The fish was NOT fresh and you could tell. The Thai coconut “soup” was basically just coconut milk with maybe 2-3 tiny pieces of chicken, and definitely not served hot. Everything else we got just was not yummy at all. Try somewhere else!
  • Reviewed by: sumantrip  on: 2019/10/22 15:31:42
    I will pick it up at 6:30pm
  • Reviewed by: jck2511  on: 2018/9/14 17:30:09
    I am trying to call , the phone is continuesly busy , we order almost an hour ago . Where is our order, you said 30 min
  • Reviewed by: chris  on: 2015-05-26T11:15:22
    Howdy, love the food and fast delivery! I'm a regular customer and will continue to be. Please fix the lunch online order delivery fee issue, please. It is set to $15 instead of $10, so I usually have to call in.Thanks,Chris979-574-3642
  • Reviewed by: argwyn2365  on: 2015-04-15T19:46:55
    I was at your restaurant tonight 4/15/15, and asked the ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce because I have food allergies. When they didn't understand me I asked if it contained ketchup and they brought me ketchup. I really need to know what is in it because I had a minor allergic reaction to it. I have to watch out for corn and tomatoe products. Please let me know. Thanks April Boyle
  • Reviewed by: chris  on: 2015-03-20T10:26:00
    Web app is not letting me place lunch orders with a $10 minimum as advertised. It is requiring a $15 minimum.
  • Reviewed by: rogerw  on: 2015-02-17T12:32:04
    I swallowed something hard and non food-like that felt like bone fragments, and found several white flecks of either hard plastic material or bone that were mixed in with my rice. I'm severely disappointed in a nice restaraunt like this... I'm not going to be ordering from you guys again after probably 8-10 previous orders over the past 4 months, unless this is answered for!
  • Reviewed by: rogerw  on: 2014-10-31T09:44:14
    I have loved every meal here - my wife and I love the soups - wonton and chicken corn soup. We have always received great service and delicious food!
  • Reviewed by: nordicminy  on: 2014-10-16T20:01:54
    Had an order I wanted placed for delivery at 9:45pm... they didn't take the order and hung up on me. I realize it was 15 mins before close but it was well within closing time. Also from previous times I have not been too impressed with the food quality, for the price Pei Wei is much better. Pei Wei would be making a ton of money for me if they delivered. Would not recommend.
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